Phillip Fox started his music career when he was just a little boy in Burnet, TX.  Phillip was in music where he started out as a saxophone player and became Drum Major of his High School band and led over 300 other students. and then moved to learning the guitar where he became a rhythm guitar player.

After high school Phillip moved to Merritt Island, FL where he joined a metal band Deprive late 2004 as their bass player.  He played for a few years before joining the U.S. Air Force where he currently has served the U.S. for over 17 years and has been recognized as a respected leader in his career field with many leadership awards, put in charge of teams in hostile environments, and entrusted with over $25 Million of Government equipment.   

In 2019, Phillip established FoxRocks Entertainment in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Phillip’s dream is to one day be the first Major Record label in the Oklahoma City Metro and raise the bar to what Oklahoma’s Music Talent has to offer the world.

FoxRocks Entertainment is only the birth of what's to come with music in Oklahoma City.  Phillip who is already in the mix with the music scene looks to take the business to new heights with creating a series of music festivals and tours in the area, as well as having his eye on opening a music venue in 2024.

Stay Tuned….