Services Offered: 


      You tired of having to deal with all the connections and travel plans for your tour.  Hire FoxRocks Entertainment to do that work for you.  At a low cost FoxRocks will manage itineraries, bookings, and marketing to get the word out of all your upcoming shows.  Quit having to worry about all the behind the scenes work and leave that to FoxRocks Entertainment and worry about your song creations and performances.           


     FoxRocks Entertainment will sit down with you or your band and help you envision the direction that you want to go and the steps you should take to be more successful in todays Music Industry that is ever changing.  With years within the industry and connections to those in the industry, FoxRocks Entertainment can provide a solid development plan for you as an artist or for your band.  


    You looking to put a show together and don't know how?? Contact FoxRocks 
Entertainment today and allow FoxRocks Entertainment to help you put together the show you are wanting.  


  Need help getting creative for a One sheet to help better promote your band?? Let FoxRocks Entertainment take that problem off your hands and allow us to create the One Sheet for you!!  With the experience of knowing what the industry is looking for; your One sheet will stand out from most and be "One" of a kind! 


    Venues and studios asking for an EPK??  Don't know what that is??   Allow FoxRocks Entertainment to help you put an EPK together so you and your band can compete and get a spot at the venues!! 


    With the experience of performance and the knack of the gab with other patrons,  Allow FoxRocks Entertainment consult with you on your shows, music, and fan interaction.  We all know we just want to get up and play our music, but there is an art to the Art.  Knowing how and what to look for that gets your fans riled up and wanting to spread the word about what it is that makes you so amazing!! Contact us today and get your career skyrocketing to the next billboards!!